Hey there! I’m Amy and I’m the author of Travel with a 9 to 5, where I focus on sharing practical information, tips, and strategies for making travel a part of life for the everyday 9-5 worker. In the real world, I’m a 30-something from Upstate New York with a healthy wanderlust and passion for adventure. I live to travel and experience everything the world has to offer but, like most, I have to balance that passion with the realities of a 9-5 job: limited vacation, limited budget, and limited flexibility. As with many people, I used to make excuses for my lack of truly living life and subscribed to the common belief that becoming complacent and settling down into a life of normalcy could be fulfilling. But it wasn’t.


I was lucky enough to be raised by a family of travelers. Beginning in my early years, my family took trips all around the United States and parts of Canada. Before I left elementary school, I had hiked through Yellowstone, hula’ed in Hawaii, and visited Disney World more times than is probably healthy. I had a very lucky childhood. My first trip abroad (other than Canada, which is only about an hour away from home) was to Cancun, Mexico my senior year in high school and I haven’t stopped wandering since then.

At the gates of the Guinness Storehouse

My typical travel habits consist of some variation of: wander, climb, drink, think, repeat. I love just soaking in the culture of a new city or area. My favorite moments usually involve a pub, some beer, and a friendly local or two. Tourist attractions have their place, and I dislike travelers who push them aside as worthless, but my favorite aspects of travel are those that can’t be ticked off in boxes. I love feeling the connection with local cultures, being wowed by the view or architecture of somewhere I’ve never been before, or just losing myself in a new place. To me, there’s nothing better.


In my day to day life, I work a desk job at a private, elite university and spend a lot of time hanging with my dog, Homer. My life revolves around the 9-5 (which is actually more like 7:30-5:30) grind, savoring the weekends and few and far between vacations. Working a 9-5 forces me to hoard my vacation days and think carefully about optimizing my time away. I tend to make the most of long weekend getaways, saving longer trips for the summer months when things are quieter at work. Although I’m a fan of slow travel, I’d never say no to a long weekend in Paris or a day trip to New York. I see the value in all travel experiences.

eiffel tower selfie paris christmas

In the past couple of years, I’ve begun to dabble more and more in the world of travel hacking: using points and miles to travel the world for low cost or even free. It’s been amazing what I’ve been able to accomplish with points and miles in a short amount of time. Even with a modest salary, I’ve been able to fly first class to Europe, stay in 5-star resorts, and take my family on a cruise for a fraction of the cost.

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I hope to show people how they can still manage travel with a constraints of a 9-5, while sharing some of my travel adventures and helping guide people on their own.



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