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Why work with Travel with a 9 to 5?

Because it’s probably the best investment you could ever make (or something like that). Since starting the site in March 2014, my readership and social media presence have steadily grown each month. Inspired by the prison-like feeling desk jobs have given me, I use my travel experiences as a way to demonstrate how other trapped workers can escape the grind and explore the world, one trip at a time. As I focus on inspiring the average full time worker to use his/her vacation days and experience all life has to offer, my posts and practical tips are something that most 9-5 professionals can relate to and learn from.

I specialize in quick trips that can be done with limited vacation days and my budget can vary from grown-up frugal to a taste of luxury and everywhere in between. I make the most of travel hacking strategies to optimize both my travel time and level of luxury. A highlight of the blog is demonstrating how average middle-class Americans can use simple hacking techniques to travel as they never through possible. As an avid nature lover, I’m keen on experiencing the outdoors through hiking, adventure, or just taking in the sights, but I also love the charm and individuality of small towns and cities.

Check out my media kit and let me know if you might be interested in discussing opportunities further.

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