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When will you have enough money to travel? Probably never.

Unless you’re rolling with the likes of Bill Gates or the Walton family, finances are probably on your mind at least a little when it comes to thinking about travel. I’ll be the first to admit that travel isn’t cheap. This little passion of mineĀ is an annualĀ trillion dollar industry. That’s a lot of money being […]

Low effort side money for travel

I work a full time job and make okay money, but it’s never quite enough to support all the travel I want to do. Aside from staying frugal and cutting costs wherever possible, I’m always looking for easy ways to make a few extra bucks when I’m not working my regular job. Here are a […]


16 tips for budgeting vacation days

Unless you’re lucky enough to live in one of those awesome European countries who value work-life balance and mandate two months of vacation each year, your vacation days probably come in limited supply. Here in the US, most of us are limited to about two weeks of vacation per year. That’s 10 days. How can […]