Using Amex Sync to save money on travel

I’m a bit of an American Express fangirl. I admit it. I currently have two Amex cards and I love both of them. The customer service and the perks just can’t be beat. And one of the greatest perks of having an Amex card is taking advantage of the opportunities to sync your card to […]

SPG Amex

Best credit cards for casual travelers

I’ve preached many times before about the value of points and miles in getting free (or close to free) travel. There’s no better way to afford frequent travel than to rack up as many airline, hotel, and flexible points as possible. And if you’re in the US, there’s no better way to rack up those […]

6 Reasons

6 reasons why you need an airline credit card

In the ever increasing world of airline fees, cramped seats, and angry passengers, there are few things to look forward to when it comes to air travel. When asked what people dislike about travel, most people respond that it’s the “getting there” part they dread. And with good reason! Air travel has become increasingly uncomfortable […]