A weekend in Paris for just over $500: How I made it work

Trip length: 3.5 days Total cost: $520 per person Vacation days used: 1.5 God, I love mistake fares. A few months back, one of my favorite deal bloggers, The Flight Deal, shared a mistake fare on Air Canada to Europe. Since I get deals sent to my phone via text, I was quickly able to jump on […]


5 awesome things that can happen from getting pickpocketed in Paris

We’d been in Paris a grand total of maybe 20 minutes. As we stood waiting for the next train in a desolate metro station, my dad patted his front pocket and looked up at me in surprise. “My wallet’s gone.” A brief moment of “oh, shit” passed between us. My dad tried to piece together […]

paris eiffel tower seine

Paris at Christmas: Photos

After absorbing all the holiday goodness of the Christmas markets in Brussels, my dad and I hopped the high speed rail to Paris and spent a couple days exploring all the City of Light had to offer in December. Having limited time, we hit up all things touristy – the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, Champs-Elysees, and Notre […]