A week in Maui

A week in Maui for $1800: How I made it work

Trip: 7 Days Total Cost: $1783 Vacation days used: 5 Ok, so this wasn’t my cheapest ever trip. And since the main focus of my blog is to inspire others to travel by demonstrating how to make it an affordable and easy part of life, this probably isn’t my most inspirational post. But since I’ve promised full […]


Highlights on the Road to Hana

I’m not much of a beach bum. My travel style is more “go, Go, GO” than relax and unwind. So when I scored a good flight deal to Maui, I knew I’d be spending more time exploring than I would be lounging at a resort. Planning the trip, I researched all things active and adventurous, […]

It's cold, but oh so pretty.

Sunrise bike ride down Haleakala: 8 things to know before you go

I’d heard the sunrises over Haleakala Volcano in Maui couldn’t be beat. And when one of my coworkers came back with photographic proof, I knew I had to experience that sunrise for myself.  Then I learned that you could get back down the mountain after that amazing sunrise via bike and my plans were solidified. I was going […]