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How I made travel work in 2015

It’s hard to believe 2015 has already come to a close. What a whirlwind of a year it’s been! My blogging has taken a hit this past year as my life has gotten in the way, but luckily my travels haven’t. I’ve visited some awesome destinations and had some amazing experiences, from biking down a volcano […]

How I made travel

How I made travel work in 2014

Aside from the month of December, 2014 has been a pretty light year in travel for me. My big focus this year was on buying a house, so my extra spending money was extremely tight and my time was limited. As anyone who has bought a house knows, the process is long and tedious and the […]

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When will you have enough money to travel? Probably never.

Unless you’re rolling with the likes of Bill Gates or the Walton family, finances are probably on your mind at least a little when it comes to thinking about travel. I’ll be the first to admit that travel isn’t cheap. This little passion of mine is an annual trillion dollar industry. That’s a lot of money being […]

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A December weekend in NYC for under $800

  Trip: 3 Days Total Cost: $785 for 2 people Vacation days used: 1 Ah, New York at Christmas. There’s nothing like it. The Fifth Avenue shops decked out in ornaments of all colors, carefully detailed window displays lining the streets, and ice skating rinks with people laughing and swirling around – what’s not to […]

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5 easy international weekend trips from the US West Coast

Last week, I shared some easy international weekend trips for Americans on the East Coast. Since so many people complain about a lack of time as an excuse for not traveling internationally, I felt it was important to show people that international travel is possible, even with a limited amount of time. Although more than […]

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5 easy international weekend trips from the US East Coast

One of the biggest excuses I hear from people about why they don’t travel internationally is, “I just don’t have enough time.” To which I doubtfully reply, Really? I know we get shorted on vacation days in the US, but it’s not like you need a year off to visit another country. In fact, depending […]

Diving headfirst into travel hacking

Ever since I found out about the world of travel hacking and the points and miles game, I’ve been obsessed. It all started a couple years ago with a letter in the mail letting me know that I had been pre-qualified for the Delta Gold Amex with a 50,000 mile sign up offer. I’d never […]

We stayed near the French Quarter in New Orleans - ideal for exploring

How to make the most of a work trip

Work trips can be stressful… or they can be a lot of fun. Many people see traveling for a job as a burden, taking them away from family and friends, making them spend long hours by themselves or with colleagues they don’t like, and wasting precious time away from home. Sure, they can do all […]

death by desk job

Death by desk job: Reasons to use your vacation days

Some days, I can feel myself becoming my desk chair. Everything seems to be sinking down, morphing into the shape of the base of my chair. Some days, I can’t figure out where the chair ends and where I begin. We have become one. Am I disgusted by my new-found relationship with my chair? Kinda. […]

Baltic Sea Cruise for $5000: How I splurged

I usually like to show people how I travel for cheap in this series (How I’ve made travel possible) but I’m spinning things in a different direction today. The vast majority of my travel is on a budget and I try to do as much as possible to make trips affordable. So when someone recently […]