Killarney National Park

The stunning Killarney National Park, Ireland

No tour around Ireland would be complete without a pass through Killarney National Park on the Ring of Kerry. Although I preferred the Dingle Peninsula to the Ring of Kerry, there’s no denying that Killarney National Park is absolutely stunning and worth a visit. We drove into Killarney National Park from the west, winding down […]


5 Days in Ireland for under $1400: How I made it work

Trip length: 5 days Total cost: $1385 Vacation days used: 2.5 It wasn’t the cheapest trip I’ve done, but you’re hard pressed to do a fully paid trip to Europe for under $1500. A lot of people pay close to that in airfare alone! What I was most proud of on this trip was making […]


Drinking through Dublin

Finally – Irish music. We’d been circling the country for a few days now, hitting small town after small town and expecting to find some traditional, sing-along Irish music (trad) in the quaint little pubs along the way. No such luck. Our tour began with My Sharona and ended with some Justin Timberlake. Who would […]

green blur

A green blur trip through Ireland: Pros and Cons

Ah, the infamous green blur trip of Ireland. If you’ve never planned a visit to Ireland, you may be wondering just what a green blur trip is. What it basically amounts to is covering a large chunk of the country of Ireland in a relatively short amount of time. A typical green blur tour is […]


Driving the Dingle Peninsula

You can’t complain about the scary driving in Ireland until you venture around the Dingle Peninsula. This should be a rule. I drove all over Ireland and experienced some narrow lanes and precarious passings, but Slea Head Drive around the Dingle Peninsula was by far the worst. This road snakes around the coast of the […]


Dingle, Ireland: Where hardware stores moonlight as pubs

Oh, Dingle. What a ridiculous sounding name for a town. Yet it fit the colorful, little town perfectly because the quirks in Dingle didn’t stop at the name. This was, by far, my favorite town I visited in Ireland. Such a weirdly awesome and unique community. The town of Dingle sits on a cozy little […]

Graveyard around the Rock of Cashel

Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel wasn’t quite what I expected. It isn’t a rock nor is it a castle, as I had originally assumed. The large stone building has a long, important history and has served many purposes throughout the years, most recently as a cathedral and currently as a tourist attraction. Nevertheless, it’s a beautiful […]


The colorful town of Kinsale, Ireland

Flying into Dublin from the US, I met up with a friend who had come in from Cambridge and we set off for a green blur tour of Ireland. First up on the tour was the small coastal town of Kinsale, right on the southern coast of Ireland and about half an hour south of […]