Most memorable cab rides: Cusco, Peru

The old cobblestone street zoomed beneath us, visible through a 4″ diameter hole in the floorboard of the car. I recognized this street as one we’d passed over before, just a few minutes ago, in our tiresome search of the neighborhood. I wedged my feet on the ledge next to the door, not having any […]

Ancon Hill

Most memorable cab rides: Panama City, Panama

The maniacal staring driver We found him laying under his car on a residential street near Ancon Hill. He looked like he was tinkering around with something in the undercarriage, maybe a loose belt or valve. I don’t know. I’m just making stuff up. I know nothing about cars or what he was doing down […]

Most memorable cab rides: Vienna, Austria

We were wrapping up a long day of exploring Vienna. It had been a perfect day for wandering – warm, but not too warm, sunny, and calm. It was a Sunday, so the streets were quiet as people casually milled about. Evening was closing in and were ready to head back to the hotel to […]