Paying parts of the cruise off in the months leading up helped make the $5000+ expense of the trip manageable

St. Petersburg: Museums and Onion Domes

Waking up after a long night of drinking vodka, I expected a pounding headache and bloodshot eyes, so I was a bit shocked when I rolled out of bed and felt pretty good. Not only did Russian vodka taste so much better than the crap I’m used to in the US, it also left me […]


Vodka cruising on the River Neva

Wrapping up the day tour of St. Petersburg, our van brought us back to the ship for a brief run through customs, a quick dinner and change of clothes, and back through customs. All in less than 20 minutes. We met our tour group and headed out on a large bus for what would be […]

Catherine's Palace

Palaces of St. Petersburg, Russia

The midpoint of our Baltic Sea cruise was a two day stop in St. Petersburg, Russia. The country has a history of fairly strict visa requirements for US citizens, but they’ve been relaxed in recent years. As long as we had a tour booked with a registered agency, we could spend 72 hours in St. […]