Hacking my way to a Mediterranean Cruise, Update: May & June 2015


I’m back! After two weeks enjoying the history, food, and gorgeous weather of the Adriatic, I can safely say that hacking this trip has been well worth the effort. It was an amazing trip, made even better because I got to share it with my family. Everything went off without a hitch (aside from running out of fuel on our flight back…) and the weather couldn’t have been more cooperative. Such a great time!

June has been a busy month of travel and holidays, but I’m finally getting back into the swing of day-to-day life and have crunched the latest numbers for May and June. Although the trip is over, I still have about three months to rack up those final points needed to negate some of the cruise costs and the one hotel room paid for during the trip. Post-trip and my last update before the final total, here’s where things stand:


Take my parents on an Mediterranean Adriatic cruise in June 2015 for less than $1500 total (for all 3 of us), including flights, hotels, and transportation.


may&june progress


How I’ve done it


    • All of this was on the Barclay Arrival Plus card.

    • I’ve been slacking. Time to step it up!

    • A great way to rack up a few extra points!

Thoughts on May & June totals:

I’m pretty happy with where I stand. I have about 130,000 points to rack up in three months, which would negate all of the trip except for the flight home (which was already paid for and cost me $768). But in order to reach my goal of spending under $1500, I only need to rack up 59,600 points in that same time. Considering I came close to that amount in the past two months, I’d say that total is completely attainable. And even if I don’t reach my goal completely, I should come pretty damn close, and that’s just fine by me. It was an amazing trip and totally worth the effort. Here’s just a small sampling of what I was able to experience through points and miles:


What’s next?

I have about 90+ days to negate some of these hotel charges, so I’m going to keep focusing on racking up those Barclay points through spending and writing stories in the Barclay Travel Community. Once everything is in, I’ll give you a more complete idea of the totals, what I spent, and how I got there. Stay tuned!

Then it’s on to the next trip. Where should I hack next?